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Welcome to Nordstern Grupppe, a specialized recruitment agency, where professionals seek their job opportunities in Europe, and our clients benefit from the talent and quality that characterize a good candidate.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." 

Michael Jordan

We are a specialized agency on the gathering of human resources for the hospitality business and health and sanitary industry in all Europe. We are specialists on the selection and recruiting of qualified staff for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, private medical care facilities, shopping centres and business centres all over the European Union. Our qualified staff profile:

  • Maître
  • Waiters/waitresses
  • Chefs
  • Cooks
  • Cook Assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Chambermaids
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Cleaning assistants specialized on health and medical centres and hospitals
  • Cleaning assistants for shopping centres and business centres


The current hotel trade market, leading in territories such as Germany, Sweden or Austria, requires a profile of a more proactive, resolutive, and committed-with-the-job type of employee. That is the reason why NORDSTERN has created a new concept of personnel recruitment which consists on vocational professionals who are always open to knowledge and who possess the job qualification that is needed to be able to communicate in a foreign language. We choose profiles from countries such as Spain, Portugal or Germany, based on:


    Our value is supported by the relation of the staff with their unique qualities that push them into proactivity and commitment with the assigned job. Without regarding the position required, basic knowledge of English and/or German Languages is essential for each one of our candidates, either students or qualified professionals. For that reason and to guarantee quality services for our customers, the candidate must undergo a previous interview on the preferred language. This way we can assess their communication skills and job commitment.


    In NORDSTERN we are aware of the responsibility of keeping the agreement conditions to the end of the season, that is why the professional talent is handled taking into account the commitment capacity and the availability to stay for long periods of time in the assigned country. The quality of the selection process of the candidates is our guarantee for the companies. We also offer permanent contact with Nordstern to our chosen candidates, so they would be able to deal with possible difficulties during the period of the agreement, as well as a comfortable stay in safe conditions, which are supported by the employer company.


    Our customers’ satisfaction is our endorsement. In our untiring job of finding the best working attitudes and skills, in NORDSTERN we stand up for professional responsibility and ethics with every hospitality business and health company. We guarantee personal supervision of every employee, we perform a permanent in situ, monitoring,of the stay and skills of the employee. Our personal support is for both our customers and our selected candidates, and by this we reinforce the transparency of action.

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All our work comes from the devotion and knowledge of the hospitality business and health and sanitary fields in Europe. Aware of the culture and good decision-taking skills of our customers, we are available 24 hours, to live up to the expectations that we offer. We collaborate with all kinds of companies, with diverse trajectories: from strong hotel brands and health and sanitary companies, to small and medium family companies with local or global impact. This varied experience gives us an objective vision to guarantee the final satisfaction.

We offer an easy and permanent interaction with employees and companies, as we believe in personal direct mediation as a way of understanding.


After an exhaustive search and selection process, we have compiled a qualified staff database in Europe. As our customers' expectations are our inspiration, we are committed to find the perfect candidate to fit their requirements.

As a well-known brand, NORDSTERN GRUPPE offers the guarantee and experience of being a safe bet, which accomplishes the level of requirements for successful summer and winter intense seasons in touristic areas or urban centres of the European territory.


As specialists on searching professional talent in the hospitality business and health and sanitary fields, we defend job ethics and commitment.

We are always thankful for our customers’ trust and we continue to celebrate, in 2021, our professional growth and development by fulfilling our customers’ requirements day by day. From the island of La Palma, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) we make connections all over Europe, matching the qualified workers to opportunities of personal and professional development and growth.

Francisco M. Granados, C.E.O. of NORDSTERN GRUPPE, talks about the origins of the brand: “Every morning, we do our job, inspired by the Pole Star, which has guided ship Captains for centuries in the Northern Hemisphere, determining the course to the land which they want to reach, always acknowledging that our customers and our candidates are our wind and ocean. That is why our team, while performing a thorough search to find the adequate candidate, implements the measures to improve the job quality in Europe. All this based on the union of talents among countries.


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