What offer NORDSTERN GRUPPE for you?
Profesionales para hoteles de Nordstern gruppe


Every hotel requires qualified staff to be able to guarantee excellence during the whole client stay. NORDSTERN GRUPPE offers professional workers who will assure that quality in our customers’ hotel brand.

Profesionales para restaurantes NordStern


Attention to details is what makes the difference in a restaurant’s service. NORDSTERN GRUPPE bets on a proactive and empathic profile of an employee who also takes care of the customer and the work environment, because good teamwork is the best guarantee of success.

Profesionales para hospitales de NordStern


Our ability to diversify services allows us to achieve the goal of covering companies from both the sanitary and commercial fields which are willing to hire NORDSTERN professionals with international character-type qualities. We offer our services to hospitals, private medical care facilities, shopping centres and business centres in Europe.


Our experience and effective method of selection has taken us to coin the term “NORDSTERN PROFESSIONAL”. The Nordstern Professionals are chosen candidates who are selected because of their talent and professional vocation, together with their English o German communication ability.

Skills like proactivity, teamwork ability and stress management complete the definition of the “NORDSTERN PROFESSIONAL”l.

To find such a specific profile, our Selection Department faces the challenge of putting together talent, qualification and experience. We have available several channels to get our candidates’ profiles:

  • Hospitality business and cooking schools and catering professional training centres.
  • Professional training centres specialized in Hospital and operating theaters sanitary maintenance.
  • National public job placement offices in Spain, Portugal or Germany, among others.
  • Main international online job-searching sites.
  • European Official Language Schools. Public and private universities.

To make the right choice is what makes NORDSTERN a brand. Our group guarantees good welcome and stay for the candidates. Being aware of the main personal changes and singularities of working abroad, both NORDSTERN and the hiring brands, we fulfill the quality housing conditions required by the European Legal Regulations regarding the facilities where the employee will spend their working and resting time.

During the first few days of their stay, the employee will also have counseling, from NORDSTERN staff from Spain or Germany. This way we ensure the good welcome in the destination country as well as the perfect development of their professional functions during the hiring term.

Talent, vocation, proactive skills in teamwork and communication skills in a second language are the essential values for the NORDSTERN PROFESSIONAL.

If you are a potential NORDSTERN Candidate, do apply in “CANDIDATES CONTACT” by attaching your well written CV and a recent photography.

Once included in our database our Selection Department will contact you in case of being compatible with any available job offer.


Are you looking for a job in the European Union with security and support? NORDSTERN GRUPPE will take care of your application to fulfill its objective.


Looking for talent? Qualified staff? Choosing the NORDSTERN Professional is betting on business advancement and growth.


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